Andrew's 2005 DB9, Part 1: Arrival

I'm not sure where to start with this blog post. Part of me is really excited about this project because it's the first time I've had a car shipped to me for work. I've worked on a ton of cars, but never had one shipped to me from someone I've never actually met. It's nerve-racking and exhilarating, and I want to launch into a long-winded soapbox speech about the importance of reputation and how being honest pays off and blah blah blah... but this post isn't about that. This post and blog series is about the car and the work I'll be doing to it.

It belongs to a guy named Andrew and, like I said, I've never actually met him. We've exchanged emails and spoken once on the phone. Even so, Andrew has enough confidence in me that he shipped his car to me to do a list of jobs on, and is even being generous enough to let me use it for my DIY guides and videos. He asked me to document everything and send him as much information, pictures, and videos as I could. Of course I will, and not only that... I'll do a whole blog series on it!

So here's Andrew's 2005 Aston Martin DB9. What's really awesome about this car is that it has a manual transmission. [Insert every journalist's article about the dying manual transmission here.] It already has some incredibly tasteful modifications, and I'll be doing even more to get it set to Andrew's taste.

Thanks to Eric, the car's previous owner, for the photo!

Thanks to Eric, the car's previous owner, for the photo!

I was supposed to have the car a month ago, but scheduling conflicts delayed it getting here. That's going to mean some serious crunch time to do everything Andrew wants me to do. Luckily, I don't have a life.

The car arrived early in the evening yesterday, and I shot a quick video of it. The truck arrived two hours earlier than they originally told me they would so I had to race home and barely made it in time - I beat the truck by maybe five minutes - so I wasn't too prepared for the video. Still, you can see the car and I cover a few things about it, plus I still had a little bit of daylight.

In Part 2 of this series, I'll cover the current state of the car more in depth and discuss some of the work I'll be doing on it over the next few weeks. And since I'm using the car for creating DB9-specific DIY guides and videos, you'll see a bunch of new content getting added to Redpants for that as well!

A huge Thank You to Andrew for giving me the opportunity to work on his car, and stay tuned for more as this project begins!