The Trunk Cubby You Should Know About

There is an often-overlooked cubby in the rear hatch of an Aston Martin that owners should definitely know about. The carpeted cover blends into the rest of the trunk lining so it's easily missed. But there's a pull tab sticking out to let you know where to find it. Inside are a few important things.

First is the DVD drive for your navigation. It's right there in the middle of the cubby. Can't miss it. 

Second is the color your car was painted. You can see it on the label in the pic above. Mine's Mercury Silver.

Third is the manual release for the gas cap cover. It's that white loop in the first pic at the top left of the cubby.

If you don't have navigation in your car, you probably don't care about the DVD drive. But if you do, this is where you change out the discs for the navigation. The DVD-based navigation system uses regional discs, so you need to have the proper disc for a given area. Pro tip: Buy the discs from Volvo. They're half the price that they are from Aston, but are the same thing and are totally compatible. To open the DVD drive, push downwards on the cover. The disc will auto-eject. To load, insert a disc then push the cover back up to close it.

Needing to verify the paint color is a bit odd for most cars, but Aston offers so many options that it's good to be certain. The exact paint used is actually printed on a label inside the cubby, taking away any question regarding which of a dozen shades of silver you have, or which yellow or several reds or a few greens... you get the point. It also comes in handy for custom paint colors that Aston did at the factory. I've seen first-hand a couple V8 Vantages painted in Ferrari colors from the factory.

Most importantly is the manual release for the gas cap cover. The button-activated release can get misaligned over time, needing to be adjusted. You might not realize this until it stops working. Stuck at a gas pump and the button to release the gas cap cover isn't working? Pop open the rear hatch, pull open the cubby, and give the manual release a little tug.