BC Forged Wheels

BC Forged wheels are the best bang-for-your-buck forged wheel on the market. That isn't to say you're compromising quality to meet a price point. Rather, BC Forged designs and builds all of their wheels in-house, helping keep costs down. They offer a wide variety of styles, faces, and finishes. Here's my grey V8 Vantage with the BC Forged RT50 wheels and, um, me wearing my Redpants in the background.

The size and offsets you see in the picture above are the "Redpants fitment" that I use as a default size along with the tire fitment I suggest to use. Basically, the wheels are the same width and diameter as the 19" OEM 7-spoke wheels, but with a more aggressive offset so they fill up the wheel wells. The tires I recommend are those found on the V8 Vantage S - they're 10mm wider front and rear and fit beautifully on the standard-width rims.

I'm not kidding when I say I blatantly abuse my wheels. Put through the same punishment, two of my OEM 7-spoke wheels are severely dented and no longer usable. The BC Forged wheels, on the other hand, are still going strong with minimal damage - the only dent I’ve managed to put in a BC Forged wheel was from a harder impact than a the blow that obliterated one of my OEM wheels. I've been so happy with my wheels that I decided to sign up as a retailer to sell them on Redpants.

Choosing your wheels

This is a big decision, so take your time deciding. These wheels are made to order and you'll want to be certain you're ordering the right ones!


The style you choose for your wheels is completely up to you - style is entirely subjective. The easiest way to decide is to check out BC Forged's offerings on their website. They have both monoblock and modular designs, so browse through them to see if anything catches your eye. I'll be adding styles to my online store as well, but seeing the full catalog can help as well.

If you want to keep weight and cost to a minimum, go with a monoblock design. If you want a more flashy look, but keep in mind they’re a little heavier and more expensive than monoblock wheels.


The "face" of a wheel is basically the angle of the spokes between the hub and the rim. You can pick whatever face profile you want, so long as it clears your brakes. A concave face is going to be limited by your brakes, so keep that in mind. A flat face won't have that problem so it's a non-issue.

It’s difficult to get a lot of concavity on an Aston Martin because the brakes are so large and aggressive. The picture at the top of this page showing my V8 Vantage has flat-face RT50 wheels in Redpants fitment - they don’t have any concavity at all. On the other end, here’s maximum concavity on RZ05 wheels in Widepants fitment.



Then you'll need to pick out the finish. There are lots of options to choose from, so browse through them and find what you like. I can get pictures of a bunch of the wheels they've made if you want to see the finishes on actual sets of wheels.

I also carry sets of samples and can send them to you so you can see them yourself in person. Just contact me and we’ll make arrangements for it. There’s a $100 deposit that is either refunded to you when the samples are returned, or applied to the purchase of your wheels - whichever you want.


This is where things get tricky. I'm a huge fan of balancing style, performance, and practicality. There's a reason I've set up a recommended Redpants fitment. Some people like sticking the widest wheels and tires they can under their cars, and that's perfectly fine. But I take a different route and it's what I recommend for most people. Wider wheels and tires add cost and weight. That added weight might cancel out any traction benefits so there might not be a real performance gain unless you’re really pushing the car and need all the grip you can get. Wide wheels and tires can be a lot of money, so you're adding cost. Wide tires look pretty mean from the rear of the car, which is why some people like them. If that's the route you want to go, I can absolutely help with that.

I mentioned on the About Me page that sometimes I get personal on here, and this is one of those times where I'll express my personal opinion. I discussed wheel and tire sizes in a blog post a while back, too. Regardless, the bottom line is if you want to drop weight in a crucial area, or if you just want to make your car look better without unnecessary costs, the Redpants fitment is the way to go.

To demonstrate this, here’s Redpants fitment:

RT50 on grey.jpg

And here’s Widepants fitment:


Can you tell a difference in widths? The entirety of the width is hidden from view. You may be able to see the difference from the rear, but the offset of the wheels is going to be far more obvious than the width of the tires.

If you want to go extra meaty and get some wide tires under your car, we can do that, too! In fact, I've got Widepants fitment on my grey V8 Vantage. But for most people, I recommend the Redpants fitment. You can swap over your tires so there's minimal expense there, and you're removing a lot of unsprung rotating mass, which gives you real performance gains. And, unless someone is looking under the rear of the car, there's no visual difference between a 285-width tire and one with a 305-width.


Both Redpants and Widepants fitments have pre-set offsets to make ordering easy. The difference between the two is only about 1mm - practically nothing. Either way you go, the outside edge of the wheels will align with the body the same, and it’ll look like this:

Widepants fitment, front.jpg
Widepants fitment, rear.jpg


BC Forged is a Taiwanese company. I know, *gasp* that's like Chinese (I'm stopping right there to avoid the politics of China-Taiwan relations). BC Forged wheels are made using an 8000-ton press and are JWL and VIA certified, and their manufacturing facilities are TUV certified. That means their wheels get tested to take a beating and keep you safe.

Like I said, I've been abusing mine for a couple of years now and they're still going strong. I wouldn't sell these things if I didn't believe in them. For me, the proof is in the pudding. Or, more appropriately, in the pounding. I have two OEM wheels bent beyond repair and those didn't go through anything worse than my BC Forged wheels have been through. If anything, they had an easier life. I won't sell anything that is a downgrade in quality compared to OEM. I wouldn't do that to my car and I'm not going to make money getting you to do it to yours. BC Forged makes incredible wheels at a competitive price.


All BC Forged wheels are made to order, so expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. Delivery costs are $350 within the US. If you're outside of the US and want a set of wheels, contact me and I'll see what I can do!

Anything else?

If you have any questions about ordering, or even about ideas for styles, finishes, and fitment, please ask!