Clear vinyl quarterpanel tape

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Clear vinyl quarterpanel tape

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These clear vinyl tapes protect the paint in front of your rear wheels from the rocks and sand kicked up by the front tires. These come in sets, so please select the set you want for your particular car.

The tapes are sill-specific, so you need to order them for the sills you have on your car. For example, the red Redpants car is an '07 with its original sills, so it needs the "early V8 Vantage" set. The grey Redpants car is also an '07, but has sills like the V8 Vantage S. So it needs sills take from the V8 Vantage S even though it's an '07 (early Vantage). Note: If this is confusing, just send me a picture of your car and I'll help you out!

Aston fits these to cars at the factory, but they need to be replaced every once in a while due to wear or age.

The 4-Piece kits include the upper rear and lower rear sections immediately in front of the rear wheels.
The 6-Piece kits add the lower sections immediately behind the front wheels.

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